Roles: Producer, Art Director, Writer, Game Designer, Programmer
Release Date: 
Genres: Arthouse
Company: notagamestudio

CLT is a non-erotic sex-themed card game.
Despite being sex-themed, it contains no audiovisual depictions of sex and with no actual readable erotic text.
Its gameplay is solely centered on a tarot of 24 rorschach-esque cards.
The Rorschach motif is not a coincidence: we wanted to make a game about sex that no publishing platform / store could actually censor in good faith, as it actually contains no sexual content per se.
Like the game’s trailer (which contains no nudity or depictions of sex) the game itself contains nothing but an implicit suggestion of sexuality that in fact solely exists in the eye of the beholder.
Every card’s design was hand-painted. The cards are linked to each other, and function like a maze of interconnected memories.
The goal is reaching a non-existent 25th card, which symbolizes reaching a sexual climax, thereby ending the level.