Inside The Magic Circle

An holistic exploration of games as a self-contained medium, and the proposal of an alternative concept to Huizinga’s magic circle: a boundless mandala.

How Tom Cruise Can Help You Make Videogames

A humorous attempt at fixing common communication problems in videogame development by using Tom Cruise’s love of running as a metaphor.

That Time I Made 250 Scientists Solve a Riddle On A Dance Floor

In 2019, I was commissioned to create a real-time multiplayer puzzle game, to be played live by ~250 simultaneous users, which also happened to be the entire staff of a science research center.

What Is Digital Handicraft?

A reflection on how pointless definitions and taxonomies may have made us miss the untapped potential of digital media when it comes to user interaction and procedural generation.

30 Stupid Things Game Designers Say

A closer look at the myths, faulty common sense, and flat out pseudoscience behind some of the most common misconceptions about game design and game development.

The Myth Of Mama Something

A branching parable about the relationship between games and their authors, and the creative struggle of balancing player agency and storytelling.

How to Showcase A Game That Doesn’t Exist

In 2017 a non-existent game was showcased at a public venue with more than 50K visitors. This is the story of how that experiment came to be, why it was done, how it was done, and what resulted from it.