“A Casa dos Nomes” (The House of Names) is live-action, escape-room-inspired, interactive performance – where every member of the audience roleplays a lost soul, trapped in an timeless liminal space, trying to remember their own names.
All participants trade memories (represented by loose pages on the floor) for regular slice-of-life object (represented by keys) with a devil-like figure, as they try to piece together who they are.


Isaque Sanches – Concept, Acting, Game Design, Text
Gonçalo Guiomar – Sound Design, Live Audio Performance, Text
Tiago Quendera – Stage Design, Acting, Text



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For two hours, the participant-players embody the role of characters lost in time, enclosed in a magical space called the “House of Names” that exists on the margins of space-time, and throughout the performance they will live in various bodies over the years. centuries.
This game takes place behind closed doors, without light, and the maze of life stories is deciphered using flashlights.