Release Date: 2018
Genres: Puzzle
Company: Hyper-casual, Platformer
Platforms: Android, iOS (Note: this game is no longer live)

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Promotional Text:
“Jumpier is a fun fast-paced game where you control a quick jelly jumper. You just need to jump at the right time to avoid the obstacles, catch the cherries and reach the lollipop.
“Accomplish this 200 times and you complete the game. Sounds quite easy, right? Well, jump into the game to check for yourself!

“This tap-to-jump game will make you act fast with its quick-or-be-dead vibe. Some levels will be as easy as eating cherries, while others will make you want to jump out of a window.
“This jelly is as fast as a lightning and this will give you less time to think before you tap and jump. When new elements are introduced, you will have to use platforms and walls to reach higher places while you escape from the spikes and other obstacles.”

Gameplay Video: