Release Date: 2018
Genres: Puzzle
Company: Infinity Games

Platforms: Android, iOS, Poki


Promotional Text:
“Energy: Anti Stress Loops environment is very relaxing and interstellar, mixing a smooth soundtrack with beautiful puzzles which will blow your mind.
“In fact, this puzzle game has a lot to do with imagination, design, art, vision and metaphysics. By connecting all of the wires with energy sources, small pieces of art will be created, which you can photograph and store on your smartphone. In Energy: Anti Stress Loops your role is a kind of an art unlocker: once you complete the circuit, you discover the figure behind it.

“The communion between the astonishing visual parts and the soothing music builds the perfect atmosphere to escape from stressful situations like traffic, subway rush hours or a busy work day.”

Promotional Art: