Roles: Producer, Art Director, Game Designer, Programmer
Release Date: 
Genres: Arthouse

Company: notagamestudio
Platforms: Steam,

Uranus is an arthouse 2D/3D hybrid spherical adversarial racing game. It features an unique visual art style and input-reactive dynamic music.
It can be played both as 1v1 local multiplayer, or as single player (AI enemy).


Promotional Text:
Uranus is a kaleidoscopic audiovisual playscape. It features procedural audio (input-based music) and visuals (systemic color scheme) and was designed to be experienced not only through play, but also live group viewings as a spectator.
The rules are deceptively simple:
— To win, you need to explode

— To explode, you need to close your eye
— To close your eye, you need to move
— If you cross your opponent’s trail, your eye opens