Created by Isaque Sanches for notagamestudio.


In November 2018, we kept a game-like app running for 4 days at a gaming expo, with no staff, no marketing material, no brand name or logo, no description or explanation, no title, and no instructions, except for one note, which read: “Please Solve This Puzzle”.
Visitors would interact with the app and feed it their input, which would later be converted into another app, which you can play on this website.

“Graffiti” is an attempt at deconstructing the definitions of what is a player, what is playing, and what is a game.
The people who interacted with the original app are not the players but part of the game’s system (as if they were random number generators) – they could never be players, since their goals were not valid (the goal “solve this puzzle” is invalid because there was neither a puzzle or a final state / solution).